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Jesus announces a new hope for all of us

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Joseph's story shows us how to be a gift to others

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Today we see how Joseph is put to the test, both when things are going well but also when things are going dramatically wrong.

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God puts big dreams in our hearts, but we need wisdom to steward them.

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How do we draw on Jesus' strength to fight temptation?

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According to Jesus, John the Baptist was the greatest prophet ever - but even the least in the kingdom is greater than him - why?

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This one story from Jesus' childhood tells us so much about our identity, calling and spiritual rhythms. 

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What does Jesus' Dedication in the Temple mean for us?

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What has God put on our hearts for the year ahead?

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Imagine finding a life coach who is always available and always knows what you need.

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Being spiritually fit can extend your life – forever!

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Who are you? Who are you becoming?

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What does the arrival of Jesus mean to you?

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Your future has been planned since the beginning of time - will you let God take you back to it?

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What's the biggest surprise in the story? The fact that a virgin gets pregnant? Or something else?

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Don't give up on God: He is working in your life.

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Where do we want to be in a year's time? What do we need to do to make it a reality?

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Ok, I'm a disciple. So what am I supposed to do?

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What are the essential truths of the Christian faith?

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Jesus told us to make disciples - but why?

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Why is it so important to understand that we have a new identity in Christ?

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What does it mean to be born again?

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We are meant to be working models of the new creation.

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How do we forgive people who have hurt us really badly?

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Following Jesus means being a full and active member of God's family

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How do we preach the gospel with confidence whilst respecting other people's views?

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How do we sustain faith throughout our lives?

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A church that cares reflects the love of God

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Jesus teaches that we need to humble ourselves before God and other people. What does that look like in today's world?

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How to build great relationships, whether you're married or single

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What is God really like? And what does having faith in Him really involve?

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Despite our mistakes, God is merciful

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What is our motivation for serving? Does God really care?

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God's timing is perfect – if sometimes unexpected!

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What does real courage look like? Is it fearlessness or something else?

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How can you have more of the Spirit when you already have everything in Christ?

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God has plans to take you further than you could ever imagine for yourself

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Our way or God's way?

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How we respond to God's promises determines the course of our life

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What dreams has God put on your heart?

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Finding hope in times of struggle

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Are we always meant to behave as biblical characters do? Not when they fail...

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What stage are you at in your faith journey? What promises is God speaking over your life?

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Examining the evidence for the resurrection

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How you can find hope in a hopeless situation

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We are all called to learn from the perfect parent – God

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God keeps his promises. Are we ready to be his people of hope?

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What's your best story? For Paul it was the story of coming to know Jesus.

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How to keep calm in a crisis

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How well do we handle accusations and setbacks? Paul's responses to these kinds of problems are a great model.

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Why does the resurrection of Jesus matter so much?

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A genuine encounter with Jesus is life-changing: whatever the challenges, there is no going back – the new has come.

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How do we continue to be part of a loving and supportive community, even when we see things differently from one another?

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An honest look at the issue of modern-day slavery and how we can support the work that is being done by Hope for Justice.

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Vision Talk for 2019

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What's church got to do with being a Christian?

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Did Jesus even exist? Who did he think he was? Why does it matter?

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At a time when so many of us in the Western world have all the material comforts we could need – who needs God?

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Have you ever asked yourself the question: does God really care about me? This talk gives the answer.

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How can we live in the generosity of God?

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Is God really faithful? What does that mean in our day-to-day experience?

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God is all-loving and kind – but He is also a consuming fire. How does that work?

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If our picture of God is wrong, what else are we getting wrong as a result?

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What's the biggest decision in life? Who to marry? What career to pursue? Whether to accept the invitation?

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What's the big story of the Bible and how can it change the way we live?

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Can we really know who Jesus was? How do we tell His story to others?

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The Bible says we should always be ready to tell our story – but how do we do that?

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Church is a family where imperfect people learn to become disciples of Jesus

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The stories that stop us being generous – and the one that sets us free

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Service releases God's blessing into our lives

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How does a church point to Jesus?

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It takes the whole church to raise disciples

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Where do we place our confidence when things are difficult?

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Church is meant to feel like home – so why doesn't it sometimes?

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Mary Kwiatkowski tells the story of the Children of the Light boy's home in La Ceiba, Honduras.

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